Friday, June 15, 2018

How to do Trademark registration in Noida and GST registration in Delhi

Firstly log on to GST's online portal and create a log ID on there for Trademark registration in Noida. After that you need to fill in GST - Registration-01 or Part 1 as the registration form. Here you will need to fill in details such as PAN (permanent account number), e-mail address and mobile number. Your PAN is automatically verified online. Then the portal - mobile number and e-mail address will confirm the remaining details via a onetime password (OTP) or email, after which the Trademark registration in Noida will begin.
Once successfully completed verification, you will receive the reference application reference number through e-mail or mobile and will be asked to fill up GST-Registration Form-2 using the above mentioned numbers. You will now need to upload some documents online.
  • Photo.
  • Bank account details.
  • Constitution of taxpayer - This means your partnership deed registration, certificate or (COI), other evidence of the Constitution etc.
  • Authorization form.
  • Details of employment (business)
Obviously there may be slight changes depending on the employment (business) you are doing. Within three working days, the GST official will start verifying your application and documents and if all documents are correct your application will be approved. If all the documents are correct, then your application will be approved and within one week working day you will get your GST registration certificate as GST - Registration-06. You can easily download it from with the help of your login id and password. If in any case the concerned officer (three days) does not return the form to you within the working day, then you can consider the approval of your application. If the different states of your business
What if the documents are disturbing?
If there is some discrepancy in your documents for GST registration in Delhi then the officer will ask for details of other documents in the size of GST-Registration-03. This will be done within three working days of your application. You will have to prepare necessary documents with GST-registration-04. At this level the officer will check all the documents and after this the application will be accepted or rejected. You will be notified of the rejection of GST-registration-05, which will tell the reason for the disapproval.
Why is registration required for GST?
If your business is registered for Central excise, service tax, sales tax and value-added tax (VAT) such as taxes and excise duties, then it is mandatory for you to do GST registration in Delhi.

Will there be any fee for GST registration?

According to the information available till date, the Indian government has allowed companies to register for GST for free.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Step how to do online company registration in India

Typically, the online company registration in India takes about 15 to 20 days. However, the Documents deposited by the customer for registration and how quickly the government gets approval depend upon it. Therefore, we should keep the name of the company unique and as soon as the registration process is started, the documents related to the company should be stored online or offline in our respective department so that the online company registration in India can be done as soon as possible.
How to do Company Register - Step by Step Process 
PAN card
It is mandatory for every new shareholder and board of directors to have a PAN card, which is for a TAX purpose.
DIN number
DIN stands for director identification number. According to the company act, any current and new company's directors are required to get a direction identification number. DIN number is taken from MCA-Ministry of corporate affairs.
Digital signature
At least one promoter in Company must have digital signature for the pvt ltd company registration in India
Online Company Registration Process
Step 1. Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) - Apply for all directors’ DIN. DIN is obtained from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The MCA website can be applied for online DIN.
Step 2. Apply for Digital Signature - Get digital signatures from entities authorized by the Indian government, such as Safi, Emmunda etc.
Step 3. Check the Name Availability at MCA's Website: Visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website and check the availability of the name of the company that the name for which you want to apply is available.
Step 4. Fill out the company registration form
First of all, log in to and register for it first, then fill in E-Form 1A. With the application of company registration, the applicant will have to send 500 rupee fees and your digital signature. Now the company name must be given. Max is allowed 6 names. Also, the purpose of the company is to declare. When choosing a name, please make sure that the name is being given in the application. Somewhere else, there is no other company already registered in the same name? For this, for the name availability, please check the Company Name availability before applying pvt ltd company registration in India. If the name of the applicant company is matched by the name of an already registered company, then the application will be rejected, and again the application process will be required.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Online Registration Partnership Firm With Effective Trademark Registration Online

Nowadays, the business incorporates everywhere by the people eagerness and aim to achieve the dream. Do you planned to begin business? You should consider several essential things before you enter into the business platform. Partnership is one among best way to manage with two or more reliable individuals to run the business based on the terms and conditions. The ease of configuration, minimal compliance needs and low costs make sensible opportunity for some and registration important one. The online registration of partnership firm makes the person need to obtain form no.1 application, partnership deed original copy, signed by whole partners, confirmation declaring intention to act partner and lease or rental of the business property. Here, you can see benefits of partnership easy to begin, minimal compliance and relatively inexpensive. The deed should include partners name as well as their current addresses, capital invested by the list of partners, profit-sharing matrix, beginning of firm operation, rules and regulations that followed by partners. No, the registration necessary for the partnership, but the partner charge to another firm or partner itself. Besides, the partnership gets any suit to the court and the firm registered. It recommended for the larger businesses, which register with the partnership deed.
Importance of trademark registration:-
The trademark registration aids you establish the ownership along with secure the entity brand effectively. The early trademark filing will instantly assist you to avoid gratuitous legal tangle. The new introduction of trademark registration online makes the individual easier and convenient to finish the task extremely fast and safe. The registered trademark is the intellectual property or intangible asset for the business along with utilized to secure the firm investment in the specific brand. The trademark is registrable while it is distinct for the products and services that you offer. The trademarks are also not registrable if it is deceptive, offensive, generic, not distinctive includes protected emblems and so on. The reasons that you consider trademark registration such as creation of asset, global trademark filing, trust or goodwill, unique identity, and legal protection. Whatever, the assistance you are looking for can get everything in a safe way with the help of experienced professionals. The professionals give the guarantee and hassle-free assistance to meet the needs. Now, you don’t bother about online trademark registration and partnership firm online registration anymore after stay in touch with the reliable experts.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Start your business online with company and trademark registration in Noida

When India is getting swept by the Start-up India - Stand-up India wave, there must be a business Idea that would be tinkering in your head. If this is the case then this is your ticket to the exciting and uncharted world of Entrepreneurship. Further, if you live in and around Noida, this is a golden opportunity for you as there are online websites for Company registration in Noida. You might even need a trademark ready, then do not delay in taking off your entrepreneurial flight from your place of choice through the trademark registration online option. Whatever business plan you have, wherever you might think of it and whenever you think of it, you are just a click away to start on your new venture.

As a matter of caution, you are also required to look into various other aspects if you are planning to plunge into a new business. One of the most important and yet most neglected aspects of a business are the legal and compliance related activities. Thus, it is of very high importance to understand the tits and bits of Companies Act of 2013 that govern the registration of new business organizations both online and offline. But, this is where the online websites come to your aid by providing end to end services regarding Company registration in Noida. So if you are unable to consult the services physically you are always welcome to connect online for company registration and trademark registration online.

When you need to find a partner to help you take your first baby steps in the world of business, the online websites will be there for your company registration. So start your journey on a sound term with proper legal proceedings, detail process sharing and a base foundation for both your company registration and trademark registration. Prevent any issues later and focus on your business to ensure your registration is done.

So get set and make your dreams come true by starting your business on the right foot with the best service provider in the market for Company and trademark registration online. Connect online and be free of all your tensions for company and trademark registration. They will take care of all these issues for you as you gear up to design the future of your Organisation. When starting a business you know whom to contact for escaping all your headaches regarding company and trademark registration.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Legal benefits of hiring an advisor for private limited company registration and trademark registration online

Are you looking for company registration? If yes know various aspects related to advantages of it, and why hiring an advisor is important. All exercises like trademark registration online are effective enough to improve the requirement of a professional company advisor.
private limited company registration provides their remarkable and professional outlook for the significant profit of individual investors. A financial decision is not so easy that it can be taken by any person. It requires services of a skilled advisor who can give guidance on the matter of investment and after investment consequences that your family might face. In market, a common investor observes numerous company advisory services that can help him in his investment but somehow increased his stress in choosing best among it.

Before availing service of any private limited company registration provider, the hirer must be familiar with all available advisor services in the market. Such advisor can be a body of individual, partnership firm, company, and association of members limited liability form or any other form of business organization prevailing in your country. These legal consultants can save you from any matter of legal or financial default in business. It is, therefore, important that you should have a friend like an advocate, chartered accountant, tax consultant or in summarized way I can say a company advisor.  
If we say a trademark registration online will impact your finance it would be a narrow classification of his scope of operation. Such person is having an expertise level of knowledge that can provide you best investment decision choice among all available options. Some other points that can explain his role in taking finance related decisions are mentioned below:

You can make tax saving important financial decisions if you operate in the coordination of your financial and legal consultant. These legal and financial people can prescribe you best mode to utilize fund and lose in order to claim tax related exemptions and deductions.In the case of important mergers and acquisitions, you should take their support to fulfill or formalities related with filing return of income. Along with return issue, these consultants can assist you in matters related to tax clearance, article of association, deeds, memorandum of association and other important merger-related documents. These consultants can guide you in business deals related to selling and buying existing business and companies in a most profitable way. Keeping in mind law and business acts of your country, these advisors can help you to attract money from money and profits from profits. Although these consults are not accountants, they can assist you in compliance with accounting and auditing standards of keeping financial records.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Registration of businesses under GST Regime in Delhi and Noida

We have been hearing in the news about the goods & service tax (GST) that all the indirect taxes levied on goods and services by the central and state are going to get replaced with it. GST is certainly going to be a huge transformation in the Indian Marketplace. The areas impacted with the GST are numerous in number. The tax structure, tax incident, tax computation, compliance, credit utilization and reporting will be in the top order of the impacted. The GSD leaves its shadow onto business operations, pricing of products, supply chain optimization, account and tax compliance systems.
Who should get registered under the GST?
All the business holders in India who generate bills to their customers and clients are the eligible candidates to get registered for the GST. There has been a notification release in the recent days on the dates of registration by the individuals. The dates have been declared to different for each region and the regions are based on the neighboring states. The final date to get enrolled with the GST Registry is marked to be 31st of January and the GST would be implemented from the 1st of April 2017.
GST Registrations in Delhi and Noida
The GST registrations have been increasing day by day due to the little time given to the citizens to get enrolled. The people in Delhi and Noida regions, GST is going to be a mere migration process. The GST registration in Delhi is now a procedure is to be followed by the Delhi Vat, CST, and Excise dealers even. The users in Delhi who have been under the DVAT regime are now being migrated to the GST, by the GST registration in Delhi is going to be a modification to the current DVAT.  
GST registration in Noida is another case for the registration at Delhi. Both the regions have been drawn under the period of 16/12/2016 – 31/12/2016 but there are some taxes in the Delhi and Noida regions where there is need of extra care. However, even if the dates is going to miss, the users are eligible to register themselves till 31/01/2017 which is common end date to the entire nation. The GST Registration in Noida is now being done by the local auditors and tax advisors also. They can be the best POC when you turn with an issue.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The importance of Trademark registration in Ghaziabad and Noida

Trademark registration in India is done as per government rule in India. A Trademark registration in Ghaziabad is anything that marks source, support, association or another organisation model of the assistance or products. A trademark is a type of intellectual property; it can be a name, term word, organisation logo, icon, design, picture and a mixture of these components. This is safety measures your home and preserves its originality.
Exclusive Privileges to the Mark
The primary benefit of applying your trademark is exclusivity. This is the primary way of defending your product rights in a name or organisation logo. Trademark registration in Noida will confirm your formal possession of the organisation and avoid others from using an identical or confusingly similar mark or related products or solutions. Generally, you are provided with endless security from cases of misunderstanding and violation of intellectual property rights.
Prevent Others From Using Your Mark
One of the significant reasons of Trademark registration in Noida is to subscribe your mark is to notify the world that you claim the trademark rights. Generally, you have an automated right to sue anyone found to be breaking your rights. In case a third party uses your trademark without your approval, you can easily search for the appropriate lawsuit in a government court.
Increase Business Reputation
Promoting your business product at an initial phase is very essential to the potential development and success of your business. A highly effective and amazing product that is properly secured by trademark registration is an honest lawful base on which you can build the trustworthiness of your business in the industry. Any businesses can create better brand awareness in all countries that the mark is authorised in. Registering your mark also boosts the lifespan of your business, which consequently improves customer rely upon your business.
Nationwide Priority
This is probably an essential advantage of trademark registration. Nation-wide priority provides trademark security more substantially and you can get unique national possession of the trademark. The processing of a trademark application also defends a concern time frame for the future security of your trademark. A priority date is the date of first use of the mark in business that provides you with nation-wide priority, with an exemption to companies that integrated and authorised a trademark before you.
Your product is one of the most useful resources of your business and must be given the security that it should get. Trademark registration in Ghaziabad is the answer.