Saturday, May 26, 2018

Step how to do online company registration in India

Typically, the online company registration in India takes about 15 to 20 days. However, the Documents deposited by the customer for registration and how quickly the government gets approval depend upon it. Therefore, we should keep the name of the company unique and as soon as the registration process is started, the documents related to the company should be stored online or offline in our respective department so that the online company registration in India can be done as soon as possible.
How to do Company Register - Step by Step Process 
PAN card
It is mandatory for every new shareholder and board of directors to have a PAN card, which is for a TAX purpose.
DIN number
DIN stands for director identification number. According to the company act, any current and new company's directors are required to get a direction identification number. DIN number is taken from MCA-Ministry of corporate affairs.
Digital signature
At least one promoter in Company must have digital signature for the pvt ltd company registration in India
Online Company Registration Process
Step 1. Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) - Apply for all directors’ DIN. DIN is obtained from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The MCA website can be applied for online DIN.
Step 2. Apply for Digital Signature - Get digital signatures from entities authorized by the Indian government, such as Safi, Emmunda etc.
Step 3. Check the Name Availability at MCA's Website: Visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website and check the availability of the name of the company that the name for which you want to apply is available.
Step 4. Fill out the company registration form
First of all, log in to and register for it first, then fill in E-Form 1A. With the application of company registration, the applicant will have to send 500 rupee fees and your digital signature. Now the company name must be given. Max is allowed 6 names. Also, the purpose of the company is to declare. When choosing a name, please make sure that the name is being given in the application. Somewhere else, there is no other company already registered in the same name? For this, for the name availability, please check the Company Name availability before applying pvt ltd company registration in India. If the name of the applicant company is matched by the name of an already registered company, then the application will be rejected, and again the application process will be required.

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