Friday, June 15, 2018

How to do Trademark registration in Noida and GST registration in Delhi

Firstly log on to GST's online portal and create a log ID on there for Trademark registration in Noida. After that you need to fill in GST - Registration-01 or Part 1 as the registration form. Here you will need to fill in details such as PAN (permanent account number), e-mail address and mobile number. Your PAN is automatically verified online. Then the portal - mobile number and e-mail address will confirm the remaining details via a onetime password (OTP) or email, after which the Trademark registration in Noida will begin.
Once successfully completed verification, you will receive the reference application reference number through e-mail or mobile and will be asked to fill up GST-Registration Form-2 using the above mentioned numbers. You will now need to upload some documents online.
  • Photo.
  • Bank account details.
  • Constitution of taxpayer - This means your partnership deed registration, certificate or (COI), other evidence of the Constitution etc.
  • Authorization form.
  • Details of employment (business)
Obviously there may be slight changes depending on the employment (business) you are doing. Within three working days, the GST official will start verifying your application and documents and if all documents are correct your application will be approved. If all the documents are correct, then your application will be approved and within one week working day you will get your GST registration certificate as GST - Registration-06. You can easily download it from with the help of your login id and password. If in any case the concerned officer (three days) does not return the form to you within the working day, then you can consider the approval of your application. If the different states of your business
What if the documents are disturbing?
If there is some discrepancy in your documents for GST registration in Delhi then the officer will ask for details of other documents in the size of GST-Registration-03. This will be done within three working days of your application. You will have to prepare necessary documents with GST-registration-04. At this level the officer will check all the documents and after this the application will be accepted or rejected. You will be notified of the rejection of GST-registration-05, which will tell the reason for the disapproval.
Why is registration required for GST?
If your business is registered for Central excise, service tax, sales tax and value-added tax (VAT) such as taxes and excise duties, then it is mandatory for you to do GST registration in Delhi.

Will there be any fee for GST registration?

According to the information available till date, the Indian government has allowed companies to register for GST for free.

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